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Power Generation

Highgate Power, LLC – Power Generation Facilities


Colwell & Associates, Inc. served as prime engineer to Highgate Power, LLC for design, construction and commissioning of three electric power generating stations located near Midland, Texas. Each power station features 5 - Caterpillar 3516 diesel engine-generator sets rated at 1875 kW each connected to supply 9375 kW peaking power to the local electrical utility under the ERCOT ERS program. Each generator operates independently with individual starting, synchronizing and load controls. Generator power at 480 volts is stepped up to the 12.47 kV utility voltage through an individual 2500 kVA transformer and fused switch in a metal-enclosed switchgear assembly.   The combined site output is connected from the metal-enclosed switchgear to the overhead utility distribution line through a 12.47 kV pole-mounted recloser, group operated air disconnect switch and primary metering equipment. Each power station has on-site diesel storage adequate for approximately 8-hour full capacity operation.


Generators are individually or group controlled though a SCADA control system located in a climate controlled building at each site. The control system provides electrical protection, safety interlocking logic, monitoring and control. Metering values, statuses and alarms and control functions are displayed on a local HMI screen as indicated below. Generators are manually started in response to an ERCOT power request and automatically ramp to full capacity where they continue to run until manually shutdown upon ERCOT request. Although the generator sets can be controlled through the on-site HMI for maintenance or testing, normal operation of these plants is from an off-site control center through a SCADA system using a VPN internet connection. Additionally, the SCADA system is designed to provide key personnel with critical alarm notification through both SMS messaging and email service. 

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